The firm Toscana Gourmet since 1957 has been present in the Italian and export markets since 1957, working with large distribution organizations as well as with the traditional wholesaler.

A highly qualified staff, guarantees our technologically avant-garde production, while maintaining the characteristics genuineness and traditional care for which we have always been distinguished. Our company is subject to all the hygienic sanitary controls, as well as the regulations of HACCP, with excellent results and is certified by IFS ( International Food Standard ) . Our raw materials, all rigorously accompanied by technical documents and analysis, are of Italian, EEC, and extra EEC origins.
no chemical additives, thus maintaining the original characteristics of the product. The thermo processing we apply to our product guarantees a long shelf life. After opening, the products should be refrigerated. All of our products have a recommended shelf life of 3 years. Our production is based on glass jars of different sizes, from jars of ml.106 to jars of ml.4250. The volume of the jars is expressed in milliliters, according to EEC directives. Our products packed in oil utilize sunflower oil, except when specified “in olive oil”. The standards in force allow the specification of the net weight of products packed in oil, as the oil is considered product and not conservation liquid, (see salamoia, vinegar, sweet and sour, etc.) All of the production lots are identifiable by the production lot reference on the external border of the lid. All of our products are codified with the EAN barcode.